Here are a few samples of letters received from the recipients of our care packages over the years.

After receiving our 2014 Hanukkah packages several troops wrote thank you notes. Here are two very meaningful ones.

Dear Project MOT,

   Thank you for the wonderful, thoughtful care package, I really appreciate it. I'm writing you from Kabul, Afghanistan where I am an Aide de Camp to a Brigadier General in charge of rebuilding the Afghanistan Justice System and also overseeing the fighting of corruption, prevention of extra judicial killings and prosecution of gross violations of human rights. Despite 14 years of war, the Taliban are still active and we, as the NATO coalition, are doing everything we can to ensure that the fledgling Ghani administration is able to continue helping the people of Afghanistan.

    Thank you for your support to myself and other Jewish soldiers currently deployed. I hope you have a very Happy Hanukkah!

 Sincerely, Micah

Dear Project M.O.T.,

  Thanks so much for the wonderful care packages you sent to me and the other Jewish Soldiers, Airmen, Sailors and Marines here in the Horn of Africa! We really enjoyed receiving the wonderful CDs, clothes, treats, and menorahs. You helped brighten our Hanukkah while we are here away from our families. We are a very small Jewish community on our base, and we have no rabbi here, but receiving thoughtful gifts like yours via our chaplains reminds us that we are in the thoughts of the Jewish community back home.

  Thanks again, and have a wonderful Hanukkah!

Sincerely, LTC Josh


Ladies and gentlemen,

"Thank you for remembering my Jewish soldiers (which includes my son) who are deployed around the world ensuring our freedom and security during the Global War on Terrorism. The spiritual needs of our Jewish military "kinder" are often over looked due to the extreme shortage of military rabbis. Service provided are normally in support areas and impossible for infantry, armor, cavalry or artillery soldiers to attend. Chaplains from other faiths try to fill the void but it is not the same.
The MOT project is filling a void and providing a service that is badly needed. The packages of Jewish religious and cultural items are a great morale builder. In my thirty-six years of service I have never received such a "care package" from my religious community. I know the Jewish military personnel around the world will appreciate this gift from the heart."
Major General John H., California National Guard


Thanks for Pesach items sent to the troops in the Middle East.
While I am not an active military member, I was on active duty during Vietnam, spent 22 months there, and then nearly 35 years as a active Reservist, so I know what it is like to be away from family during the Jewish holiday and Holy Day cycles.
I am employed here in Kuwait with the International Broadcasting Bureau and my family and I participate in services with Rabbi S. at Camp Arifjan, south of Kuwait City.
Again, thanks for helping us, both the uniformed members of the US armed forces and the fewer of us as civilians, in support of our country's aims and goals in the region. S., J., and daughter.

Dear friends at ProjectMOT,

I wanted to write a quick email to thank you for sending Chanukah care packages to us in Iraq.  I am acting as Jewish lay leader at Baghdad Iraq and was happy to distribute your gifts to the troops at our Chanukah lightings and party.  You will see that I attached a few photos from our events.

Most of my career has been spent as a Navy pilot, flying the EA-6B Prowler.  However, I now work on the ground in Baghdad and travel to many locations as part of my job.  My organization (JCCS-1) is responsible for fielding and sustaining specialized equipment on military vehicles to keep service members safe from Improvised Electronic Devices (IEDs).  I've also attached a photo of me with a Chaplain Rabbi celebrating Sukkot near Ur (Abraham's hometown!) earlier this year.

My family is now living in Potomac, MD.  My wife has written extensively about our experiences as a Jewish military family.  If you are interested, you can see her work at:  She and the kids were able to light the White House menorah this year on the sixth night.  They were asked to do this as the family of a deployed service member and had a very memorable experience.  Although this is a long (one-year) deployment, the good wishes of friends and community at home make the sacrifice easier to bear.

Many thanks for thinking of us this Chanukah!  Please let everyone who helped with this project know how grateful we are.

Sincerely, S. M.

    Sometimes we just make a connection for a fellow member of the tribe. We received the following e-mail from Australia and we were successful in connecting the writer to the Jewish community at his intended destination.


Good Morning,
Greeting from Canberra, Australia.
I was hoping that you may be able to provide some assistance or at least point me in the right direction. I work with the Dept of Foreign Affairs here in Australia (the equivalent of your Dept of State) and will be making a work visit to Kabul, Afghanistan in early Feb for a week. Could be the first of a few short term work visits to Kabul.
I'll be spending a shabbos in Kabul and was wondering if there were any Friday night and/or Saturday morning service (not fussed which denomination) within maybe the US forces somewhere in Kabul. I'll be located within or close by the Australian Embassy. Maybe there is a Jewish Chaplian within the US Armed Forces located in Kabul at the moment?
Also, and probably a long shot, but I was wondering if it might be posible to get prepackaged kosher meals, again through a Jewish Chaplan. If not, I'll do vegetarian and bring some food with me so I'll get by for the week, but if I could get a half decent meal sometime while I'm away, that would be a bonus.
Thanks so much for any assitance or points of contact that you may be able to provide.
Kind Regards, Rob G.
Canberra, Australia. 

The following emails were received in December 2013

I am the Jewish Lay leader for A Btry 1-158 FA (HIMARS),  I currently have 3 Jewish soldiers in my unit.  Two do not have family members or receive care packages.  I was hoping your organization could assist in sending a care package to them.  We are currently stationed in Afghanistan FOB Apache near Kandahar.  Thank you for your time
Sgt. M. R. G.


 Once again, thanks for your continued good thoughts and "Project M.O.T."!

 Please note that yes, we would appreciate your Passover packages.

 We are still a tribe of 3 here... Your last shipment was immediately shared and much apprciated!

 Thanks again! E. B.

Thank you for the Chanukah care packages


   As the Jewish lay leader for Area 1, the northern military sector of South Korea- I want to offer my thanks and gratitude for your thoughts and efforts to show your appreciation for the work we do and to brighten our day. Every ounce of the packaging and goodies reflected your ahavas Yisrael.

  Thank G-d, even twenty miles from the DMZ we have access to any material concern we could desire. From my experience, even the average deployed environment is accessible to and the basic needs provided by local and American vendors. Still, to know that Jews are thinking about Jews- that touches my heart and soul.
  G-d willing next year we will all light menorahs in Israel with Moshiach and only peace will prevail throughout the world.
It all depends on us.
Sincerely, Capt. B. K. D.